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"Selfishness is the father of social problems, and the generosity is the solutions' mother of an evolved society."
Vicente Pironti - Humaniza President

The Humaniza is an International Agency Humanitarian Development which today brings together organizations seeking to promote GENEROSITY to transform human society, which throughout its history has been deeply contaminated with Selfishness causes of the most serious social problems of the planet.

It is nationally and internationally recognized for HUMANITARIAN PROGRAMS creating and management seeking to create social developments, from the creativity and brilliance of people considered socially vulnerable with a view to creating an awareness of the global human society is a unit, therefore WE ARE ONE.

Works in accordance with principles of Social Entrepreneurship using Pacification strategies, Humanization and Solidarity Economy. Within eclectic experience that includes Networking in Multiple Social Causes, Research and Development of Cultural-Social-Educational Technologies and finally the generation of a Cultural Enterprise Network with Social Entrepreneurs with purpose at risk and social fragility. Already working with several special public: homeless children, elderly, person Affected By Leprosy, Homelessness, prostitutes, criminal children, Settlers, Person With Disability and also the Indigenous.

Our Vision: Social Justice promotion through the development of Prosperity Material and Spiritual.
Our Mission: To humanize the Society through Cultural Transformation to generate Social Development.
Our Range: Develop Social Development of Creative Solutions with economic results, therapeutic and Artistic.
Our Desired ValuesGenerosity, Simplicity and Humility