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The Humaniza has created many cultural projects nationally / internationally recognized:

1- The Humaniza founded and participated in the presidency of the Cultural ICASFA-Institute and Healthcare St. Francis of Assisi (1995). Base Unicirco-Free University of Circus project that has served hundreds of children and introduced to thousands of spectators in Brazil. Base Program Somos Todos Brasileiros- National Event that integrates artistic expressions of people with disabilities.

2- The Humaniza participated in the foundation and coordination of Arricirco-Recife and Arricirco-Limeira (1995). Project that became international performing actions in Argentina, Chile, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy

3- The Humaniza attended the Foundation and Coordination Limeira- Volunteer Program Project, which won for Limeira, in 1997 the title of National Volunteer Capital, awarded for the first Dame of the Republic Dr. Ruth Cardoso. It was national articulator of the Voluntary Network has collaborated with the creation of the first interior of volunteer centers in Brazil and part of the pioneering experiences of social mobilization in Brazil through WEB (Ciberfórum the Voluntary Network held by Volunteer Program and the Third Sector Information Network ).

4- The Humaniza represented Brazil and the MORHAN-Reintegration Movement of People Affected by Leprosy, coordinating the course of social mobilization in World Leprosy Congress in 2002. It was the first State Coordinator of Morhan the State of São Paulo along with two ativistas.Dentro this causes Humaniza created Art Groups and Education to raise awareness in the Federal District in 1995 and Sao Paulo in 2000.

5- The Humaniza created between 1997 and 2001 a large health humanization program with segmentation across the city of Limeira both health apparatus the city as the streets and organizations that are not directly connected to health care. Was formally recognized by the National Secretariat of Public Policies of the Ministry of Health for the quality and innovation of the proposal that became public policy in Limeira at this time.

6- The Humaniza participated in the National Human Rights Forum in 2006, invited by Muhd (Human Rights Movement) coordinating several actions: Event Design, Participation in Ceremonial Performances Artistic Direction performed with artists from various social causes, participation in the coordination of assistance Debates of the table. As a consequence participated in the National Forum for Human Rights & the World Social Forum in 2007 and 2008 leading a caravan of São Paulo for the events.

7- The Humaniza conceived and was general director of Cultural Apae project, in partnership with APAE-LIMEIRA, pioneering proposal within the Apae network and won wide recognition by performing various actions of social impact.

8- The Humaniza has created in 2004 a network design to support socially vulnerable people and was awarded with the first of the Americas by the OAS (Organization of American States) in the XIX CONGRESS PANAMERICANO DEL NIÑO EJE THEME: PROMOCIÓN DE UNA RESPETO OF CULTURE LOS DERECHOS LOS NIÑOS, LAS NIÑAS Y LOS TEENS: EL DE LA FAMILIA PAPER, EL STATE, LA SOCIEDAD CIVIL Y LOS MEDIOS DE COMUNICACIÓN RED DE PROTECCION Y APOYO The LA VIDA en FAMILIA.

9- The Humaniza produced the project of START-UP MINISTRY OF generosity ("humanizing the Economy through Very Very Very Shiny People !!!") together with a group of scientists selected worldwide to integrate a social technology project of NASA, the Singularity University that aim to help BILLION PEOPLE. The proposal basically consists of the creation of Social Enterprises from the Geniality of people from situations of extreme social fragility, in order to humanize, or rather create a humanitarian vision, even within the economic system of the countries.

10- Humaniza attended the Foundation in Baixada Fluminense in the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2002 the IBEPAS- Brazilian Institute for Social Advancement proposal developed by statisticians, mathematicians and social workers motivated to turn the situation in their own locality and other similar situations in Brazil, through geoprocessing and other advanced technologies. In partnership with the IBEPAS Humaniza in the same year founded within the GOVERNO ESCOLA DE GOVERNO DA BAIXADA FLUMINENSE the first nucleus of Social Technology of the country, within an organization made up of dozens of postdocs and major universities of the State of Rio de Janeiro.