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International program of humanitarian development

HUMANIZA expands the spectrum of their actions on the world sphere, with the work performed by the President Mr. Vicente Pironti through Mrs. Mónica Soto Hormazábal CEO - Chief Executive Officer and International Relations Manager of the World Program "Ministry of Generosity" of Humanitarian Development in favor of human rights to the world.

In several countries worldwide, within the context of Humanitarian Development, with respect to the current problems and future of humanity, in the areas of health, education, environment, agriculture, tourism, culture and sports, it is developing a work with the national and international financial institutions.

HUMANIZA - International Agency for Humanitarian Development

Mónica S. Hormazábal
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: ceo@humaniza.com.br / humaniza.monica@terra.com.br

(World Headquarters) SCIA Qd. 14 Conj. 3 Lote 3
CEP 71250-115 Brasilia DF – BRAZIL

Phone: + 55 61 32 45 18 19
Phone: + 55 61 81 79 72 65